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Q How are cyberthug.mesh.iff (MODL), cyberthug.idle.iff (ANIM), and cyberthug.run.iff (ANIM) all compiled into the single binary IFF file cyber.iff? A Look at c...
NEW - 09 Oct 2002 - 12:54 by MrLin;
Model Exporter IFF output For examples of these files, see wflevels/superhero/cyberthug.mesh.iff (the MODL mesh), cyberthug.idle.iff (the one frame ANIM animation...
NEW - 09 Oct 2002 - 09:50 by MrLin;
Object Attribute Data (OAD) Documentation The OAD system is designed to allow objects in the 3D editor to have programmer defined, user edited data associated wit...
NEW - 08 Oct 2002 - 22:37 by MrLin;
MAILBOXES Mailboxes are one system by which objects can communicate with other objects. Mailboxes contain data which other objects use to store and move data. A m...
NEW - 08 Oct 2002 - 14:20 by MrLin;
This page is where we dream, suggest entirely new ways of doing things or new features New features (see also Ideas) * New physics handler for rigid body dyna...
NEW - 08 Oct 2002 - 13:51 by MrLin;
THE WORLD FOUNDRY COOKBOOK Levels are composed of many individual pieces working together to create the overall world. Much of mastering level creation is about ...
NEW - 07 Oct 2002 - 23:48 by MrLin;
This is horribly formatted, but the important thing at this point is to make the info available... WORLD FOUNDRY PROGRAMMERS' GUIDE Contents ================...
NEW - 07 Oct 2002 - 22:32 by MrLin;
* CreatingNewLevelsDirectory * The pathway diagram * Explanations of the file extensions * Explanation of where all assets come from, how they are tra...
NEW - 07 Oct 2002 - 13:52 by MrLin;
This is an outline of the WorldFoundry Attribute editing system, and why we think it is a good idea. Motivation what is meant by "attribute editing"? * arc...
NEW - 07 Oct 2002 - 03:29 by MrLin;
When does a script get run? KevinSeghetti currently the object scripts run one each active/running object once per frame. There are a few other non object scrip...
NEW - 06 Aug 2002 - 00:05 by MrLin;
* Try to make a mini golf game with world foundry * Try to make a car racing game with world foundry * KevinSeghetti WillNorris is also interested ...
NEW - 05 Aug 2002 - 21:25 by KevinSeghetti;
Here are some ideas for improving WF. (Once these ideas have matured, their content can migrate into pages whose titles don't start with "Idea For".) * IdeaFo...
NEW - 05 Aug 2002 - 20:37 by MrLin;
See PlanToUpdatePhysicsSystem
NEW - 05 Aug 2002 - 20:29 by MrLin;
PhpWiki is written in the server side scripting language PHP, available from http://www.php.net/. PHP resembles C and Perl in its syntax, and functions much like ...
NEW - 25 Jul 2002 - 00:38 by The PhpWiki programming team;
"Young writers often suppose that style is a garnish for the meat of prose, a sauce by which a dull dish is made palatable. Style has no such separate entity; it ...
NEW - 25 Jul 2002 - 00:38 by The PhpWiki programming team;
To Create/Edit levels (KevinSeghetti this is incomplete, I need to finish it) World Foundry currently supports 2 different 3D packages for level creation: Innov...
NEW - 21 Jul 2002 - 14:00 by MrLin;
404 Not Found \(^o^)/
NEW - 15 Jul 2002 - 18:03 by MrLin;
Run 9 rooms at once, i.e. the 8 rooms surrounding the current player plus the current room. Such connectivity information could probably be generated automaticall...
NEW - 22 Jun 2002 - 13:51 by MrLin;
WorldFoundry History WorldFoundry was started as a commercial 3D video game engine for a company called Recombinant Limited, co founded by KevinSeghetti and WillN...
NEW - 21 Jun 2002 - 19:22 by WillNorris;
Running World Foundry To run the game: * cd source/game * g To run the game (this will run the cd.iff which is checked in, if you build your own levels th...
NEW - 03 Jun 2002 - 05:27 by WillNorris;
In the ToDo list it was mentioned that adding rotation to the physics system was desirable. Note that with arbitrary rotation, to have physics stackable boxes and...
NEW - 08 May 2002 - 19:39 by MrLin;
Necessary tools * Innovation3D Free (GPL) 3D editing package for creating levels and geometry. Runs under Linux; partial Windows port is being attempted. ht...
NEW - 08 May 2002 - 19:11 by MrLin;
Overview All object types have certain intrinsic capabilities and behaviors. This page documents the attributes which are common to most objects KevinSeghetti ...
NEW - 20 Apr 2002 - 20:32 by KevinSeghetti;
Target Class: Target.oad A target object is a basic dummy object with a standard set of attributes. They are often used to define ObjectCamShot and ObjectWarp de...
NEW - 20 Apr 2002 - 20:30 by KevinSeghetti;
Flags Template Object Check if this object definition is to be used to create (multiple) instances of the object at run time. If this is not checked, then a si...
NEW - 20 Apr 2002 - 20:17 by KevinSeghetti;
Shadow Object This object reference is used to construct the shadow for this object. If this field is blank, no shadow is created for this object. Unless "Chec...
NEW - 20 Apr 2002 - 20:16 by KevinSeghetti;
Mesh Mesh Name This is the name of the asset to display for this object. Available sources are: * 3D Studio MAX geometry file * Animation Master ...
NEW - 20 Apr 2002 - 20:16 by KevinSeghetti;
Common Mass This number ranges between 0 and 100, and determines this object's collision priority. When two objects collide, the Physics system looks at this ...
NEW - 20 Apr 2002 - 20:15 by KevinSeghetti;
Toolset Tool Up to 6 tools can be assigned to an object. Each Tool field contains an object reference to a Tool object in the level.
NEW - 20 Apr 2002 - 20:13 by KevinSeghetti;
Movement Moves Between Rooms This is a TRUE or FALSE value, used to control allocation of texture map memory. Objects that are free to move out of the Room th...
NEW - 20 Apr 2002 - 20:12 by KevinSeghetti;
KevinSeghetti need to add links to image captures of attribute editor Object Types and their Attributes KEY Type: Some objects are definition objects. This me...
NEW - 20 Apr 2002 - 19:56 by KevinSeghetti;
SPIKE Class: Spike.oad Spikes are any object that can change another objectss health simply by coming into contact with it. * Health Modifier This is the am...
NEW - 20 Apr 2002 - 19:51 by KevinSeghetti;
MOVIE Class: Movie.oad This class allows for the creation of animated textures. (These are flip book animations, not changing texture coordinates) * Frame (0...
NEW - 20 Apr 2002 - 19:50 by KevinSeghetti;
WARP When an object enters a warp it is moved from its current location to another location (usually defined by a target, but any object can be used). * Activa...
NEW - 20 Apr 2002 - 19:47 by KevinSeghetti;
TOOL * Object to throw The object type that is created when this object is activated. * Activation Cost ( 0 100 Slider ) This is the amount of EU's deducted...
NEW - 20 Apr 2002 - 19:47 by KevinSeghetti;
STATPLAT Class: Statplat.oad Similar to platform, except statplats can't move (stat equals static). Use instead of platform whenever the platform doesn't need to...
NEW - 20 Apr 2002 - 19:44 by KevinSeghetti;
SHADOW Shadow objects for other objects in GameWorld Class: Shadow.oad The shadow object follows below another object, placing itself on the highest object unde...
NEW - 20 Apr 2002 - 19:43 by KevinSeghetti;
ROOM In order to maximize memory efficiency the data for only three areas can be loaded at one time. Room objects allow the user to define that area as well as th...
NEW - 20 Apr 2002 - 19:42 by KevinSeghetti;
PLAYER * Minimum Initial Gold When the Gameworld is instanciated this is the smallest possible number of EUs that the PC will be carrying. * Maximum Initial...
NEW - 20 Apr 2002 - 19:41 by KevinSeghetti;
PLATFORM Class: Platform.oad No Attributes This is a basic building block of levels. It has all of the behaviours intrinsic in any object (see "Game Objects: Ove...
NEW - 20 Apr 2002 - 19:40 by KevinSeghetti;
MISSILE * Object to throw The object type that is created when this object is destroyed. Normally used to create explosions. * Explode on Impact * Tru...
NEW - 20 Apr 2002 - 19:39 by KevinSeghetti;
METER Meters can be used to display data such as power level, EUs, lives, and so on. Meters always display integer information. * Object This is the object w...
NEW - 20 Apr 2002 - 19:38 by KevinSeghetti;
MATTE Class: Levelobj.oad Type: definition object Background rendered behind scene. Note that Matte object is required, and there can be only one for level. ...
NEW - 20 Apr 2002 - 19:37 by KevinSeghetti;
LEVELOBJ Class: Levelobj.oad Type: definition object Required object which contains level wide data. * NUMBER OF MAILBOXES Total number of Global Mailboxe...
NEW - 20 Apr 2002 - 19:07 by KevinSeghetti;
GOLD Class: Gold.oad * Number of Gold This value represents the increase in the number of EUs for the Object when they collide with this object. Note that...
NEW - 20 Apr 2002 - 19:06 by KevinSeghetti;
Disabled The level designer can set an object's class to "Disabled" and the object will not go through the level conversion process; it will not appear in the out...
NEW - 20 Apr 2002 - 19:05 by KevinSeghetti;
DIRECTOR (Look into removing) Description: Like a director in Hollywood, this function of this object is to choose among available cameras and pick the camera s...
NEW - 20 Apr 2002 - 19:05 by KevinSeghetti;
GENERATOR Creates copies of a specified template object at a given rate. Class: Generator.oad * Activation Mailbox When this Mailbox is activated (value==1...
NEW - 20 Apr 2002 - 19:04 by KevinSeghetti;
EXPLODE Modifies health (can be set to 0), plays an animation, and then goes away. * Health Modifier This is the amount of Hit Points that are added to the p...
NEW - 20 Apr 2002 - 19:03 by KevinSeghetti;
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