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Running World Foundry

To run the game:

  • cd source/game
  • g

To run the game (this will run the cd.iff which is checked in, if you build your own levels then cd.iff for your game will be placed in wfsource/assets/linux, you will need to cd to there and run the engine from there)

The game executable will be in the object directory, g is a shell script which runs the game and forces the perceived frame rate to be 20hz (since problems occur under about 5hz, and it is currently running at about .5 hz on my 200Mhz pentium Pro).

The joystick is emulated on the keyboard numpad like so: up(keypad 8),down(keypad 2),left(keypad 4) and right(keypad 6) map to the directions, the # keys above the alpha keys map to joystick buttons: 1,2,3,4,5,6

On the cube menu: joystick buttons 1 & 2 select next and previous level, and button 3 runs the selected level. Most of the levels are just simple 3d geometry (created for a stereo glasses demo we did), but a couple of them are simple playable levels (player can run and jump).

Most of the libraries have test suites, which can be run by:
  1. cd (wherever you put it)/wfsource/source/
  2. make test
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