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First make sure you have followed all of the steps in Installation. Also be sure to do 'make copybinaries' in wftools

To build the sample levels:

  1. checkout wflevels in the wfsource directory
  2. cd wflevels
  3. cp ../levels.src/* .
  4. mkdir oad
  5. cp ../levels.src/oad/* oad
  6. If you want to see the test level you will need to export it from I3D, see the I3D section for details
  7. otherwise, edit levels.txt and delete test (since the .lev file is not checked into the project)
  8. make

Now there should be a cd.iff in wfsource/assets/linux, to run the game with it you can either copy it to wfsource/source/game and then do 'make test' in that directory, or:
  1. cd wfsource/assets/linux
  2. ../../source/obj(whatever build flags you chose)/game/game
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