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Overview of WorldFoundry

World Foundry is a package that enables non-programmers to create 3D environments and games. It leverages existing off-the-shelf software such as 3D Studio MAX and Animation Master (KevinSeghetti -- and now Innovation3D) and combines them with custom tools to provide a complete solution for those wanting to make sophisticated 3D worlds. Applying 10 years of experience to building this powerful system, the team has analyzed video game development, focused on rapid development, and provided control and freedom to artists and designers.

World Foundry Game Engine Features

Variety of "core" game objects

  • Moving and static platforms, Pick Up Items (gold), projectiles and other weapons, shadows, enemies, object generators, shields, continuation markers, activation boxes, vehicles, cameras, main character, and so on
  • "Lego"-style game components. Game objects can be pieced together to interact with each other to create even more complex and interesting behaviors.

Animated textures

  • Streams in videos onto single or multiple texture maps
  • Useful for creating "video walls"
  • Useful for organic models such as lava, clouds, etc.

Optional Level of Detail for models

  • Supports scarecrow (2D bitmap) or polygon-reduced model replacement
  • Model changes based on some condition (typically distance from camera)
  • This feature is an essential part of creating a fast game by not performing calculations on data which are too small to be seen by the player

Streamed textures and/or models

  • allows very complicated world to fit within the constraints of the hardware
  • able to achieve a greater variety of textures within a level \xBE the end of the same tiring wall piece room after room after room ...


  • User-controllable parameters for physics \xBE create anything from real-world physics to cartoon physics
  • Movement framework allows addition of new object interactions easily
  • Provides objects vs. object interactions


  • Paths constrain objects to move on a predefined course of motion
  • Paths are entered in 3D Studio MAX and can be previewed right in the editor.
  • Supports both simple paths and hierarchical paths

Collision Detection

  • Three-tier object filtering system provides quick culling of objects

Sophisticated animation playback subsystem

  • supports kinematic animation playback
  • supports matrix-applied animation
  • contextual animation (based on user-defined conditions)

Scripting Language

KevinSeghetti -- the custom scripting language has been replaced with TCL
  • provides designers with an incredible amount of power with the ability to attach their own code to any object in the game
  • reduces programming efforts and cost because many game-specific logic behaviors can be coded with a few simple lines of a script
  • typically more compact code for small jobs than hand-coded C or C++
  • faster than most hand-coded C or C++ as the token interpreter fits into the CPU instruction cache

Both z-sort and z-buffer rendering supported

Texture perspective correction available (z-buffer rendering only)

Palette Effects

  • Color Cycling
  • Lighting Effects
  • Ambient Light Flashes


  • designer-defined "camera shots"
  • Through scripting, the Director object provides the designer with the ability to write sophisticated camera prioritization

Inter-Object communication

  • An object can query other objects (including the level) and decide on its actions based on that information
  • Objects can send messages to other objects (including the level)


  • We provide both a "debug" and a "release" version of the game program. The debug version performs asset validation and diagnostics
  • Use of fundamental software engineering principles including parameter validation, modularity, and unit testing

3D Studio MAX PlugIn Level Editor

The team has developed a suite of 3D Studio MAX PlugIns that aid the level designer when constructing game levels. Short turn-around provides designers with a quick feedback loop. This gives the designers more time to experiment and tweak their levels. KevinSeghetti -- Work is in progress on a set of similar tools for Innovation3D.



Models, Animation, and Levels are converted from the original files into optimized machine-dependent assets.

Multiple image formats supported

  • 4 and 8-bit Microsoft Windows Bitmap (.bmp)
  • 8 and 16-bit TrueVision Targa (.tga); 32-bit Targa for Alpha Channel support
  • 4-8 bit Interchange File Format (IFF) (.lbm, .iff)
  • Other formats can be added at client's request

Automatic texture fitting

Our texture conversion tool automatically fits your artists' texture maps into the available hardware space. It also ensures proper alignment as required by the hardware. The tools provide feedback describing any fitting and/or palette programs and include detailed reports.

Support for Models and Animation from 3D Studio MAX, Alias, and Animation Master

Hierarchical animation

Supports both lossy and non-lossy forms of compression

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