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  • Object to throw The object type that is created when this object is activated.
  • Activation Cost ( 0-100 Slider )
This is the amount of EU's deducted from the Player's account when this object is activated. If the Player doesn't have enough EU's, the object will not be created.
  • Type (List Box) This list shows the valid Tool classes in the current Gameworld.
  • Activation Button (Radio Buttons: A B C D E F) This is the Trigger that activates this object.
  • Number of Uses This is the number of times that the object can be activated. Can this value be set to 0 so that it can be set to infinite uses? I'm going to assume this is true in the example.
  • Recharge
    • True When this tool is activated a defined period of time passes and the object can be activated again.
    • False Once this tool is activated it cannot be activated again.
  • Charge Rate After the object has been activated this is the amount of time that must pass before the object can be activated again. If Recharge is false then this value has no effect.
  • Delay The amount of time, in seconds, from the moment the object is activated until the Object to throw is created.
  • Max Range ''Needle Gun Only'' The maximum distance from an object the PC can be in order for it to be considered a valid target.
  • Beam Spread Angle
''Needle Gun Only'' The total degrees from parallel that a target can be in order for it to be considered valid. Example The Devious Designer has created a number of devastating weapons for Playman to try and fight his way through the game, but his favorite is the Zapper Gun. It delivers a big blast, but it needs to recharge, so it isn't rapid fire.
    • Object to Throw The Zapper Gun throws an object known as a zap.
    • Activation Cost Because the Designer doesn't want the player just walking through the world zapping everything in sight he sets this value to 3.
    • Type Although it doesn't exist in your version of the World Foundry, the Devious Designer has an option known as Zapper on his list.
    • Activation Button This object is set to use the C button.
    • Number of Uses The Designer wants this weapon to be infinite, so he sets this value to 0.
    • Recharge The Zapper does recharge so we set this value to true.
    • Charge Rate He wants it to fire once per second, so this value is set to 1.
    • Delay In order to make the weapon slightly more dramatic he wants a slight moment of delay between the trigger being pulled and the weapon being fired. He sets the delay to .15.
    • Max Range This isn't a needle gun, so the value doesn't matter.
    • Beam Spread Angle Not a needle gun, so it's left empty.
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