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Object Types and their Attributes


Type: Some objects are definition objects. This means they can't actually appear in the Gameworld, but are used to define behaviors or variables. Description: This is a short technical description of the object type. Example: The Devious Designer shows us how to use the World Foundry as he creates Playman, the world's coolest game.

Each object type has a page documenting it's attributes


    • OK To commit your changes to the project, press "OK".
    • Cancel Press "Cancel" if you wish to change your mind and not save your changes.
    • Reset This button will restore the values of all of the fields to their default values. (May not be currently working).
    • Tips This will display a useful tip about creating and editing levels or using
the Attributes Plug In?.
    • ? This will change the pointer into a ? pointer, which if moved over the fields will display pop up help (if available) for each field.
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