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  • CreatingNewLevelsDirectory
  • The pathway diagram
  • Explanations of the file extensions
  • Explanation of where all assets come from, how they are transformed, how they are used by the engine
  • Includes attribute editor, OAD/OAS, etc

The goal of level creation is to create a cd.iff file which is read by the World Foundry game engine at run-time.

Excerpt from old mail about creating a simple cd.iff manually

  • One problem some of our tools have is they don't handle msdos text files (iffcomp, aicomp), so there are a couple of text files in the cubemenu directory which need to be converted to use unix EOL conventions:
  • * ram.iff.txt
  • *
  • * cuberotate.s

  • The procedure:
  • *unzip cubemenu into wfsource/levels.src/cubemenu
  • *fix the above listed text files
  • *copy cubemenu.lev into wfsource/levels.src/cubemenu
  • *make sure the wftools binaries have been copied to wfsource/bin (cd wftools ; make copybinaries ) will do it
  • *cd wfsource/levels.src/cubemenu
  • *mkdir /S ../../assets/linux/cubemenu
  • *../../bin/iffcomp -o=cubemenu.lev.bin cubemenu.lev
  • *../../bin/iff2lvl cubemenu.lev.bin ../oad/ ../../assets/linux/cubemenu/cubemenu.lvl
  • *../buildlvl
  • *make

That should do it, when it is done there should be a cd.iff in wfsource/assets/linux
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