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World Foundry Level Editor SDK file format documentation

Version 0.4 By Kevin T. Seghetti 04/13/98 11:43 AM

Level Exporter IFF output

The outer chunk name for a World Foundry exported level is 'LVL', contained within are:

Chunk Name
World Foundry object (contains primitive chunks describing the OAD data for this object, and a 'MODL' chunk describing the geometry for this object (see OAD.doc for a complete description of each chunk). It also contains a 'VEC3' with a name of "Position" which is the objects offset in the world, and a 'BOX3' with a name of "Global Bounding Box" which is a box bounding the object in world space. (There is also a 'BOX3' called "WF Bounding Box" which is for World Foundry use only (hybrid format, you don't really want it).

For efficiency, if a model is animated, there are only new vertex chunks (since the rest does not change while animating). There are two ways to handle multiple animations on a single model: 1. Make one big animation, and keep track of which sub-section to play out of the animation in your engine (not recommended) or 2. Export a single model file, and a separate animation file per animation desired. If the files are exported to text iff they can be concatenated to form the final model/animation file.

If a model is animated, there is also a 'ANIM' chunk, it contains:

Chunk Name
  Animation Header
    Struct ~AnimationHeader
      int16   frameCount;   // # of frames in this animation
Same as above
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