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World Foundry installation documentation

Still in progress

KevinSeghetti - need to copy the readme files into here and format them nicely TODO: environment variables

Building from source

Get source through one of the following means:
  • CVS
    • "cvs checkout linux" will get all of the projects which are useful for linux development (except for wflevels which needs to be nested inside of wfsource)
    • "cd wfsource"
    • "cvs checkout wflevels"
  • download tarball


Prerequisites: There are plans to implement a configure style make system, just hasn't been done yet. In the meantime you might need to modify wfsource/GNUMakefile.linux, near the top are several variables which set what directory to look for various libraries, you might need to update these to match your distribution. If you are able to build WorldFoundry on a distribution not listed here please edit this page and add it to the list (and if you have trouble contact KevinSeghetti and he will try to help)

Fedora Core 1 this is what KevinSeghetti is currently using to develop it, so should just work

Red Hat 9.x this is what KevinSeghetti used to develop on, so probably still just works

Red Hat 6.x, 7.x
    1. Edit wfsource/GNUMakefile.bld and uncomment the CCCARGS += -DOLD_IOSTREAMS (around line 51)
Ubuntu (11.04)
    1. apt-get install git
    2. apt-get install flex bison
    3. (might become apt-get install bison++ (bisonc++-doc) flexc++ (icmake) )
    4. apt-get install freeglut3
    5. apt-get install tcl tcl-dev
    6. apt-get install libxmu-dev
    7. apt-get install libxi-dev
    8. apt-get install libperl-dev

  1. KevinSeghetti : incomplete, deal with yyerror not defined when building eval as tool. A problem is on 48 lines of lang.y, on unstable Debian it doesn't want union which has some name (X in this case). I don't know anything about yy, but when I removed it, it worked some way. KarelRous
I got error "/usr/src/wfsource/source/oas/ error: brace-enclosed initializer used to initialize `collisionInteraction'" with gcc 3.3.3 on Debian Unstable

fixed it by replacing all { and } with nothing, then adding one at the start and end of the block. DavidKonsumer

Gentoo linux: change TCL_LIB in wfsource/GNUMakefile.linux from "tcl" to "tcl8.3"

Mandrake 9.0: (may be incomplete, I installed many things before I remembered I should make this list)
    1. install the following packages (I used rpmdrake)
      • Mesa libMesaGL1 libMesaGLU1 libMesaGLU1-devel libMesaglut3 bison flex
    • If you want to edit levels you will also need
    1. install libgtk+1.2-devel libsigc++1.0-devel libgtkmm1.2-devel
    2. Edit wftools/attribedit/GNUMakefile and adjust the GTK include directories
Mandrake 8.2:
    1. install Mesa-4.0.1-4mdk.i586.rpm libMesaGL1-4.0.1-4mdk.i586.rpm libMesaGLU1-4.0.1-4mdk.i586.rpm from disc 1
    2. install libMesaGLU1-devel-4.0.1-4mdk.i586.rpm bison-1.32-2mdk.i586.rpm flex-2.5.4a-18mdk.i586.rpm from disc 2
    3. cd /usr/X11R6/lib
    4. su (enter root password)
    5. ln -s
    6. ln -s
    7. change TCL_LIB in wfsource/GNUMakefile.linux from "tcl" to "tcl8.3"
    • If you want to edit levels you will also need
    1. install libgtk+1.2-devel-1.2.10-25mdk.i586.rpm
    2. install libsigc++1.0-devel-1.0.4-1mdk.i586.rpm libgtkmm1.2-devel-1.2.8-2mdk.i586.rpm from disc2
After you have both wfsource and wftools then:
  1. cd wfsource
  2. make
(if this doesn't work please notify so I can figure out why).

Proceed to RunningWorldFoundry


  • TCL
Read wfsource/

additional notes

There is a batch file in wfsource called regset.bat, it will set the proper registry entries from your environment variables (reg in wftools needs to be build and installed via 'make copybinaries' in wftools first).

not sure where to put this, i'm trying to piece together build instructions, especially from README.linux

export RENDERER=gl
export RENDERER_PIPELINE=software
export BUILDMODE=debug
export WF_DIR=~/wf/wfsource
export WF_TARGET=linux
cat */ >
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