WorldFoundry's target audience is now portable game machines (gameboy advance, sony playstation portable--psp), cell phones, pda's (palm, wince?), and other small-scale embedded systems. ironic; remember how we were pushing the psx and pc then?

why? WorldFoundry design constraints/... sony playstation 2mb ram, 1mb video ram; pre-processing and crunching

what parts of WorldFoundry are seperable and reusable in other projects (especially TheNebulaDevice)

also keeping in mind that much of the game will be written in the scripting language (probably [] so a lot(?) of this stuff will be (re-)coded in designated scripting language (p.s., i hate tcl)

runtime libraries []

game object classes

      • how can these be adapated and reused?



      • .lev to nebula converter? (what exactly does that mean anyway?)
      • bubba is pretty complete (new character?) but besides velocity levels, actual levels were never really a strong point


production process

      • buildmode - what parts? makefiles were hard to make and keep up-to-date (kind of). make is not really the right tool for this job (although we do generate makefiles automatically, make still sucks). buildmode concept good, customized builds (very high level concept of building, with many "switches" beneath for fine granularity and corresponding customization and configuration)

reviewed, and tnd should be updated (not with any actual source code from WorldFoundry)

reviewed, and can use/re-use/something from these parts (roughly prioritized)

      • input system
        • record input and play back
            • good for creating attract modes, and other predefined sequences.
            • also useful for debugging
              • but i think the current code still needs to be repackaged as a dervice class rather than compile-time switches in the main (game?) loop
        • also consider what other uses in a multiplayer environment
        • remapping implementation and support.
        • macro playback would be a very useful and seemingly-easy addition

reviewed, and nothing to move from wf to tnd

      • timer (check to see for timer features to add to TheNebulaDevice) but also Clock, at a higher level
      • although the iffwrite library could easily be adapted to simple xml files, a more xml-specific, and "standard" library seems like a better choice. also, what's going to be stored as xml data and what's going to be stored as tcl (or lua or whatever) scripts? xml might primarily be relevant to the backend, internet, database programs.
      • compare particle system to TheNebulaDevice (add features to TheNebulaDevice?)
      • hiscore table stuff? (probably not)
      • audiofmt is (just) sox
      • sound was never completed in wf
        • i think all of the sound, sound effects, music, midi, etc. interfaces should be deleted as well as all code referncing it. not only should the interface be re-evaluated (if there ever really was an interface, anyway--it was mostly just hacked in for a demo), but integrating sound today would use very different libraries (which were all win32 api-specific, anyway)
        • cvs history can still resurrect the code, if necessary (highly unlikely). morever, should WorldFoundry need sound and music, a cross-platform solution like should be used.

-- WillNorris - 29 May 2003
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