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The CAVE is a 4- to 6-walled cube with projection surfaces on each side of the cube. Each side measures 3x3 meters. It is a virtual reality installation often used in VR labs and exhibitions.

VRJuggler is a free (LGPL, if I recall) library making it possible to develop CAVE applications on a Linux PC without CAVE hardware.

To make WF runnable in a CAVE (and usable as a VR platform) I believe one would need to write a VRJugglerPipeline (to complement the SoftwarePipeline and GLPipeline) which uses the VRJuggler library as a back-end renderer.

With the right hardware I think you can even make your own cave with VRJuggler (the difficulty is the synchronization of the 4 to 6 screens, each running in stereo; the sync is usually hardware based but there are plans for software based synchronization schemes). Also CAVEs have a 3D input device (a wand) and a 3D tracker on the goggles (so that when the user's head moves, the perspective changes accordingly).

All of this can be (should be able to be) simulated in software with VRJuggler, so you can develop for these features even if the hardware is not present.
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