World Foundry History

World Foundry was started as a commercial 3D video game engine for a company called Recombinant Limited, co-founded by Kevin Seghetti and Will Norris. Recombinant licensed the engine to PF.Magic (for a project called Velocity), and to MGM Interactive (for a project called Cyberthug). Unfortunately both of these projects were canceled before completion. After that Kevin & Will decided to get out of the video game business, so we have this mostly complete engine and nothing to do with it, so we decided to GPL it.

Since then Kevin Seghetti has continued to work on it in his spare time and has ported it to Linux (it was orignally written for Sony Playstation and Windows), and is working on open source tools for it (originally it used a proprietary 3D modeller, 3D Studio MAX, as its level editor).

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