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File Types

Windows standard bitmap file. 4 and 8-bit formats are supported.
Targa file format. 8 and 16-bit formats are supported. The 32-bit Targa format is supported to encode an Alpha channel.
Output from textile. This file contains information about the size and palette information for each texture and information about textures and palettes that did not fit. Textile sorts this information by room.
3D Studio MAX mesh or level file.
Innocation 3D level file.
Intermediate level file format. This is exported from the 3D package and fed into iff2lvl which compiles an .lvl file from it.
Converted output of 3D Studio MAX .max file. The World Foundry Run-Time Engine uses this converted data to run the level.
"Object Attribute Description," the file type, which contains the different fields what apply to a given class and also their default values. After creating an object, the default values automatically appear in the Attributes panel. When you right-click on a spinner, this default value is what the number field will be reset to.
Animation List. Contains a list of mappings of standard World Foundry(tm) animation types to specific animation files.
World Foundry TCL Scripting language source code.
"Define" values for World Foundry script files. Typical .def files include symbolic definitions of mailboxes, joystick values, animation cycles, or user-defined values.
Animation Master
Animation Master
Animation Master
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