tools placed here for reference until (if) they are moved above into the game framework design


2d packing of bitmaps (with varying width, height, and bitdepth) subject to constraints into another bitmap works fine, but isn't really needed anymore? (hardware) Kevin Seghetti: Actually, the industry desperately needs this tool, they just don't know it. I find playing modern games quite annoying due to texture cache issues (in X-Wing Alliance everything freezes for a second when the star destroyer first appears while its textures are sent to the video card). All of this is avoided by pre-packing the textures instead of letting Direct X? or Open GL? try to manage them for you.
  • update config files to be scripting language or xml
  • update iff input/output to xml
  • use standard image library (for lots of formats and code savings) (like chargrab)

perl.r reg stripper xcd

iff2lvl iffcomp iffdb iffdump

  • use xml

debugging tools: lvldump oaddump


macro processing language (see also Prep and Prep Design Goals)
  • would like it to have passing named parameters (e.g., var => 3.14) or to find something that does


  • deprecated* see above and below about using other scripting languages
  • scripting language interface class (this has mostly been done)
  • todo: look into what's required to compile the scripting languages (mostly to bytecodes, but possibly also to c) and/or caching the bytecodes created when code is run


generates image galleries deprecated


simple keyword/variable substitution in a text file
  • simple perl script
  • in future, probably want xml tranformation programs and procedures
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