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This number ranges between 0 and 100, and determines this object's collision priority. When two objects collide, the Physics system looks at this number to decide which object must get out of the other object's way. For example, if a moving block with mass=100 hits a character with mass=50, the block will continue moving on its original course while the character will be pushed away from the collision. (The default value is 75.)

Surface Friction

This entry is a coefficient, ranging from 0.0 to 1.0, which determines the object's "slipperiness". A value of 0.0 will give a totally frictionless surface, while 1.0 results in Virtual Velcro. (The default value is 0.95.)


Number of hitpoints (health points) that the object starts with.

Local Mailboxes

Contains the number of local number for this object.


This field contains the name of the object (an explosion or puff of smoke, for example) which will be generated when this object is destroyed.

Needle Gun Target

If this box is checked, this object will be considered when aiming the Needle Gun.

Death Mailbox

Specify which mailbox will be written to when the object is destroyed.


This field references the World Foundry TCL script that executes each game loop for this object.

Script Controls Input

Check this box if the script performs actions through the joystick interface. Examples of this are movement, throwing weapons and activating tools.


The user is free to enter any text whatsoever into this field. It is used simply as a place to store notes to yourself or to other people you're working with on the level.
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