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Animation Master Geometry and Animation Exporter

KevinSeghetti -- The animation master exporter has not been maintained, this is just here in case it gets picked up again in the future

How to place meshes from Animation master into World Foundry:

All Animation Master meshes should be placed in their own sub-directory in "(your levels dir)\mh3d." For example, I have placed the clown in "levels\mh3d\clown."

  1. Make a directory in levels\mh3d for the mesh (e.g., clown.)
  2. Copy the entire mesh's directory tree into the new directory (if created elsewhere, otherwise just create all of your assets there.)
  3. Copy the maps sub-directory into the levels\materials directory. Note: All World Foundry texture maps must be .tga's or .bmp's.
  4. Save out a .fig file for the mesh (in the new directory).
  5. Render out .mot files for each animation (in the new directory) you want in the mesh.
  6. Create a .ali file for the mesh with the same name as the .fig file, for example, "clown.ali"
  7. Edit the .ali file to list the model (from the .fig file) name, and all of the animations (fron the .mod files) desired.
  8. Edit an object in a level to refer to the mesh (set its mesh name field to the meshname with the extension .3ds, for example, clown.3ds
  9. Run the conversion process (wmake from the (WORLD_FOUNDRY_DIR) directory.
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