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World Foundry™ is a complete open source (GPL) 3D Game Development Kit, originally developed as a commercial product, that enables non-programmers to create 3D environments and games. It combines a powerful 3D engine with an external level editing system. See the Screen Shots for an idea of what World Foundry can do. The system is extremely modular, and, through its scripting capabilities, the engine is capable of very varied behavior without changing the engine itself. This gives designers a large amount of freedom and flexibility. There is also a sophisticated, unique camera-handling model, allowing for dramatic camera motion during game scenes. The Source forge development page is located at (but we have tried to link everything you need from here).

Much more than just "another 3D engine"

World Foundry is a ''Game Development Kit'', meaning it provides tools and workflows designed to produce a complete 3D game -- indeed, World Foundry was used in a commercial game production environment, to make a Real Game (tm). Here are some features that set the World Foundry GDK apart from "just another 3D engine":

  • Tools to package and distribute your entire game as a single file on CD-ROM or download.
  • Level editing tools
  • Visual editing of object attributs for assigning hit points, damage values, physics parameters, etc. Click on the object, click on the parameter name, and set its value.
  • Large selection of pre-built game objects: spikes, missiles, platforms, enemy generators, etc., which can be used by pointing-and-clicking in the level editor
  • New game objects types can be added easily by engine programmers
  • Scripting for creation of game logic by the level designer
  • Director-based camera model for in-game cut-scenes (machinima) or sophisticated camera control (zooms to focus in on the interesting happenings in the scene), it can even smoothly transition from 1st person to 3rd person.
  • Streaming of large worlds from single file on CD-ROM or hard drive (maybe someday over the internet) - the level's assets are loaded as needed
  • Efficient memory and CPU usage. World Foundry originally had to run within the limited resources of the Playstation I, meaning that World Foundry can run on lower-end PC hardware. This translates to a broader target audience for your games.
  • Completely GPL codebase, but your games can still be commercial (since your game content, a single file, belongs to you and requires no change to the engine code)
See Overview for a more complete summary of what World Foundry has to offer. See World Foundry Feature List for in-depth evaluation of World Foundry's game engine.

There are a lot more ideas in the pipeline, like improved rendering, rigid body dynamics, and a web plugin (see the Detailed Table of Contents ). With your help, these ideas can become reality.

If you are new to World Foundry, I suggest you first look at some Screen Shots, then maybe read some [Documentation], perhaps starting with the [FAQ]. If it looks interesting to you then you should get the source from cvs and join the Mailing list If you aren't interested, please email me and tell me why not. wink


Kevin Seghetti -- figure out how to include the Sourceforge news here

World Foundry needs programmers!

There is plenty which needs to be done, see To Do for a list.

World Foundry needs testing

The production pipeline for Linux is nearing completion. We need some artists and designers to try to make levels with the system to identify problem areas (both in the toolset and in the documentation).

World Foundry needs designers and artists to make content

The engine is pretty powerful, but we don't have any assets (i.e. levels, textures, models, and sounds) which show it off. The windows production pipeline is fully functional, it uses 3D studio Max for geometry and level creation. The Linux production pipeline, built on exclusively free (GPL) software, is mostly functional; it currently uses Innovation 3 D? for level creation and XXXX for geometry creation. We need someone to make some levels which really show the engine off. Kevin Seghetti - feel free to use any of my music , not claiming any of it is any good, but the price is right. (Music support, however, is not yet finished in World Foundry.)

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